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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall into me..

Thing's are as always hectic but steadily progressing in our house..

Bailey's G-Tube site is healing nicely and she is able to get her Mickey Button December 19th. Woo-Hoo! No more long annoying tube. She is still not eating "good" but she has days that are better than others and she is actively working on strengthening her muscles through speech therapy and home exercises. She has gained 5lbs since she was put on the NG Tube back in April that is WONDERFUL. My little girl is weighing in at 27lbs!! Although we know as of right now she is very dependent on at least half her calories through the tube it is promising that in the future we may be able to try again more cautiously to get her off of it.

We made our way to Philly yesterday 11/8 to see our wonderful Orthopaedics doctor. It's time for new braces so Bailey was fitted for those and we are keeping an eye on that crazy right leg. It's been acting up and causing a limp most mornings. Not sure what the cause is as of right now because her hip displaysia is not severe enough at her age to be causing that drastic of a problem. We go back Dec. 6th to pick up her stylish leopard print braces WITH HINGES!!! :)

Other than never ending appointments and therapy Bailey has continued to go to school twice a week and she is still completely in love with it. She comes home singing and so proud of herself. We couldn't have made a better decision than to put her in the Tots Discovery Program.

This Halloween Bailey was Tinkerbell and she got to get the full experience this year as last year she was still not walking and needed carried up to peoples doors to get candy. This year you could really see her independence shining through. She knocked on every door and said "TRICK-OR-TREAT, HAPPY WEEN!" It was a completely awesome sight to see. I love watching those little moments that may be ordinary in childhood but they are extra-ordinary to our family because Bailey works so hard to accomplish these everyday things and it makes them that much more special.

As the Holiday Season is vastly approaching I can tell it is going to be an exciting time of year (as if it isn't any other year) Bailey is starting to understand Christmas and is already completely fascinated with everything Christmas related. I am SO excited to start the Christmas experience with her as I did when I was little.

Although things sometimes spiral out of control and I'm not able to keep up with this thing as often as I'd like or I'm not able to talk to all of our AMC family on a daily basis I am still thinking of you all everyday and so very thankful you are all apart of our lives.

"Fall into me, my arms are open wide and you don't have to say a word cause I already see that it's hard and you're scared and you're tired and it hurts and I wanna be the one you reach for first."