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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And the results are in...

I recieved the results of Bailey's scans today. The scans were a brain MRS and a whole body muscle MRI. They also checked her marrow and they took blood to send for research/further testing. She stayed overnight at the hospital the night before her scans as a precaution. She is not allowed to fast so they thought it would be best if she stayed on IV fluids and had glucose checks throughout the night. The scans took 3 1/2 hours under sedation and she was able to go home a few hours after they were done and she ate/came down off of the meds.

The brain MRS portion of the scans were normal, this does NOT rule out a Mitochondrial disease but it also doesn't show a huge red flag for one!

The whole body muscle MRI showed overall decreased muscle bulk(muscle weakness) and fatty atrophy(loss of muscle tissue) of her forearms, thighs, calves, and 9 individual muscles in her legs and feet.

Her marrow was within normal limits which is good.

They said this does not give them specific answers but it does appear that whatever happened to Bailey's muscles happened during fetal development and it does not appear to be progressive(it won't get worse) which is good news. The other good news is they were able to identify the right muscle to biopsy to get the best result for more SPECIFIC testing of the muscle.

So, although we still don't have answers so to speak nor does this help determine why some of the other things happen to her it was the first step to testing and now we know of all the muscle damage. I don't know at this time what muscle they have chosen to biopsy nor do I know when the biopsy will be. I will update when I know more!


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