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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cookies, Ice Cream, & Calories... OH MY!

First off thanks for everyone who wished us luck and prayers for today's GI consult that I've been dreading for the last 2 weeks or so. It is very much appreciated!

I loved the GI doctor! She took notes, listened, asked questions, and didn't brush off my concerns.

We have 1 month for the following:

Choking wise - Start Prevacid incase it's reflux making her choke & Get an appointment with an ENT to make sure everything looks okay from that end. If there's no progress by then they are going to schedule an endoscopy/hp probe procedure and take it from there.

Weight gain/nutrition wise - We have to push a high calorie diet for the next month and if it hasn't helped what so ever she will have to have an NG tube put in for night time supplements.

The NG tube will be temporary as long as she makes progress, if not she will get a G tube put in. The procedure will require Bailey to be admitted at Children's Hospital for 3 days. She is at a 9% for her weight/height ratio and if she was any further down they'd be scheduling the tube to be put in now, instead she wants us to try all this out for a month and see where we stand after that.

So please continue positive thoughts, prayers, and crossed fingers while I try to fatten our baby girl up. :)


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