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Monday, May 10, 2010

Peace, Love, & AMC.

Just wanted to update from our trip to Shriners last Thursday. We picked up Bailey's new braces(as seen to the left), which makes walking a bit easier for her. She's still walking on the side of her foot but with the braces it is much better. Dr. vB said with club feet it often re-occurs after correction (casting/bracing) and that a tendon transfer is sometimes necessary. He wants to try out the new braces with night time straps until August and if she is still walking on the side of her foot as much then he will try the Ponseti method(casting) again this time for 6 or more weeks and if after that it re-occurs again she will need a tendon transfer around age 3. As always we're hoping to not go that route!

We got to meet up with some AMC family while we were in Philly and as always it was amazing. Met 2 new family's and saw 2 family's we've already met again. I love those little get togethers. :)

We follow up with GI tomorrow about Bailey's feeding tube since it has been a little over a month since the tube was put in. She's eating a little more but still not enough and I know she's packed on some pounds with the feeds. :) So I'm interested to see her weight and the plan after this. G tube or no G tube?


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